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United Arts Experience LLC

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Who We Are

United Arts Experience "UAE" is a company that provides educational services in the areas of visual and performing arts. Our departments include, music, dance, theater, film and illustration. Each department offers both individual and group lessons for children and young adults. Instruction could take place in the child’s school, or at the child’s home. We partner with parents, schools, after school programs and daycare centers to provide services to children of all ages.

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Performing Arts & Visual Arts

Our programs are designed to take place at home, school or virtually.

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Music Class

Music Lessons

The music program teaches, trains and instructs students in music theory, instrumentation, technique, and repertoire. Students are instructed in one-on-one settings as well as in group ensembles and trained to perform solos as well as in ensembles. The music department also includes early childhood instruction for the littlest learner.

Come Teach with Us

Fill out the form here and send your resumé to

We are looking for enthusiastic Teaching Artists willing to work with a wide range of students both one on one and in group settings.

Thanks for submitting!

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Find out how to get UAE in your home, school, or virtually

We serve children of all ages and have made accommodations to serve them anywhere in NYC or Long Island. Our teachers are trained professionals with a great love for their art and teaching.

Get UAE in your home

A private teacher will come into your home at a scheduled time and teach your child one-on one. Sessions could range from 30 minutes to 2 hours depending on the age and level of the student. Private teachers are responsible for properly training students and working with them on auditions and competitions.

Get UAE in your School

An assigned teaching artist will come to your school, after school, church, or day care facility on scheduled day(s) and participate in group lessons with the students. This will be a general education course in the art of your choosing including the National Core Arts Standards. Session consistency is completely dependent on the facility.

Get UAE Virtually

Due to COVID-19 and social distancing requirements, virtual learning is now common. Either an assigned teacher or teaching artist will teach individual or groups through a video session. Students will still be able to participate, ask questions, and perform.

Questions about the services we provide? Feel free to reach out today.

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A Message from our Founder

The Misunderstood Artist

Often times when a child has chosen to become an artist they get looked at as different. If you look up artist in the dictionary, some of the synonyms include, expert or master. An artist is more than someone who paints, dances, acts, or creates music. An artist is someone who is extremely good at what they do. 

I believe that children should be offered the opportunity to study and practice whatever art form they find interesting. Whether it be performing or visual arts, children should be able to learn and perfect their craft wherever they are. UAE offers children that opportunity and gives them a sense of belonging. From music, to dance, to theater to painting, we cover every aspect of art. 

Art is a form of expression, so lets allow our children to express themselves freely. Just remember that an artist is often misunderstood as a person but accepted greatly through their art. They are a master! We hope that you'll join our family and allow your child to experience ART!

Musically yours,

Felicia N. Owens


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